Fit the Paradigm - cd

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Jack Butler's debut album 'Fit the Paradigm' released in 2009.


1. Hit it out the Park, son
2. From Plea to Paper
3. Are you a Hustler?
4. Ode
5. Boy vs Beast
6. Just Fit the Paradigm
7. Let's Testify
8. Bushido Codes
9. Velvet Prose
10. He Got No Game
11. Surgery 1984 (Operations 1 & 2)
12. Ostinatos
13. Apocalypse Clocks

A BBC Introducing Album of the Month (Vic Galloway - Radio 1)

Some praise for 'Fit the Paradigm':

'On the border of a classic' Manchester Music News
'Simply Fabulous' News of the World
'Sets them apart from 99% of their competitors' The Beat Surrender
'The bastard child of Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Foals...irresistibly funky and danceable' The List
'Quite simply a belter' Music News Scotland
'Pretty damn attractive' Atomic Duster Mag